Friday, January 23, 2015

My Biggest Pet Peeve About Racing

I love almost every aspect of racing except for one thing. My biggest pet peeve about racing is unsportsmanlike incidents. For the most part everyone in racing becomes like a family, but there's always that one guy that has to ruin the whole night. For instance, last year on March 12th, there was this one guy that showed up with his #4 Roadrunner and decided to run everybody off the track that night including my godfather. After the race the guy decided to come over and tell him to stay out of the way. Well this of course made him really mad and it took my dad and 2 other racers to keep him in his car. Another incident was when a sportsman racer got in a fight with another racer and slapped her, everyone was after him then. Another way of looking at the race family is a pack of wolves. An example of that is when a student racing the high school race car took out Kayla, another driver making her hit the wall. All the other racers were wanting to beat him up. This just shows that we are all family at the race track and when someones in trouble mostly everyone wants to help. So if you are feeling alone, and your looking for something to do in your community come to the race track; we are all family there.
This is a picture of my godfather Tim Abeyta, in the #9 and his team mate Grey Ethridge in the #3.
This is the first race of the year when he hit the wall and wrecked his car the first time.

This is a perfect example of unsportsmanlike racing; most of them don't go out there to wreck each other. There is always that one jerk that doesn't want to play by the rules.                   


  1. Wow this a really interested blog. I have seen in television that most of the cars get in accidents when they are trying to pass another car and sometimes the car starts to get on fire. Yeah there is a guy that will try to hit someone or do something dangerous. I will come back :D

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