Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Birth of Stock Car Racing

Many people believe that stock car racing started during prohibition, but in reality it started around the time of the first automobile . It started in November of 1895 and stretched an estimated length of 52.4 miles. It started near the present-day Midway Airport in Chicago, Illinois and ended in Evanston, Illinois. This very first race was won by a racer by the name of Frank Duryea in a car he had designed and built himself! Surprisingly after that race things got more scattered, there were no organized races and the cars were still slower than horses. The earliest stock cars were open wheeled coupes  that were known as "true" racers, because they would dominate in races like the Indy 500.

      First ever Indy 500 winner  Ray Harroun in 1911.

The first official stock car race took place 14 years after the first car race it was called the "Long Island stock car classic". On August 7, 1915 Ralph Depalma won a stock car race at Chicago Speedway, on a track made entirely of wood. This type of racing led to modern day Nascar. One of the most famous racers was Dale Earnhardt senior, he drove the #3 car sponsored by Good wretch. Earnhardt senior became a well known race legend, winning several races including 4 Daytona 500, which was developed from the Indy 500. Dale Earnhardt senior died during the Daytona 500 on February 18, 2001. Earnhardt got in contact with Ken Schrader sending him nose-first into the wall then into the infield. Earnhardt's death did not come to be an all out loss, his death led to the making of the 5-point harness.This Is all that I know so far about racing history, I will update you with another post when I find out more about racing history.


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