Friday, February 6, 2015

Book Review of STOCK CARS!

The book STOCK CARS! was written by John Carollo and Bill Holder in 1999, and illustrates the whole world of racing. This book is both a guide on racing and the history behind it. The structure of this book is well organized, it starts with the World of Stock Car Racing and ends with a list of the biggest names in racing. The most informative and interesting part of the book is the chapter about the birth of racing. It seems like this book has the full picture of racing all in one book. This book also includes a biography of NASCAR driver Ken Schrader.

Author Bill Holder, is a retired aerospace engineer from the Foreign Tech Division at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. He currently lives with his wife Ruthanne in Riverside, Ohio. Holder has also written almost four dozen aviation and automotive books, and some of the money compensated from his books goes to injured racers. Co-author John Carollo is an internationally published automotive writer and photographer. Whose work is displayed in over 75 auto related publications. Carollo has been a stock car racer, a flagman, announcer and now a writer.       
This book keenly illustrates  how stock car racing came around and the history behind it, this Includes the first Indy 500 which was raced on Daytona beach where there is a NASCAR circuit track today. Before NASCAR even began they had street races, or beach races that were more like a point A to point B race. These races would usually have 15-30 all stock cars with numbers painted on them. The first type of stock car was a coupe which didn't go faster than 10 mph, but they were still entertaining.  

The next part of the book talks about the evolution of stock car racing and the different types of cars used in the sport. Next, the author discusses the different tracks, both dirt and black top in circuit racing, and ends the book by showing all the top Hall of Fame racers in history. This includes Richard Childress, Dale Earnhardt SR. and Richard Petty.

Over all I think this is a good factual book for beginners, or for those looking for more knowledge of stock car racing. What got me interested in this book was both my love for stock car racing and NASCAR. My two favorite racers are Dale Earnhardt SR. and Jeff Gordon, who is retiring after the 2015 racing season. If you are interested in learning more about stock car racing, or if just want to find out about the history this is a great book to read about it. Before I read this book I didn't know much of the history of stock car racing. This book was very factual and historically correct, so I hope you will read it.


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