Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How to Find And Build The Perfect Race Car

This is a step by step process of how to research and pick the right car. I will be sharing the best websites and companies to use, such as transport and mechanics. Here are some important things to think about before you start your research. One essential thing to check is local websites such as Facebook or Craigslist before searching out of the area. Another consideration is to ensure the car is located within four hours of where you live so that your not spending extra money. You also might want to bring a mechanic with you when you go to check out the car unless you are a mechanic yourself.

STEP ONE: The first thing you do is go to Google Chrome (in my opinion, the best search engine) and type in what kind of car you want to look for. If you don't know what kind of car to use this is an informative website that has important specifications for lower class racers. The best class to start in is the Roadrunner division, which is an all stock 4-cylinder car. This class includes any production passenger car, but no convertibles and no Mazda Rx-7's are allowed.

STEP TWO: The next step is to go to and search for a used 4-cylinder car for $500 or less. Once again, make sure it is with in four hours of where you live. In my opinion, a 1999-2001 Nissan Sentra is the best and cheapest car to start in. It takes about three consecutive weeks to transform a basic Nissan Sentra into a racing machine.

STEP THREE: When you have found the right car make sure you bring an experienced mechanic and a trailer with you. It is also really good to bargain some extra parts into the deal, or trade a vehicle that can be used for parts for the car you want. If you can't find a mechanic to go with you, make sure that you hear the car run before you buy it.

FINAL STEP: When you have found the right car, the first thing you want to do is strip everything out. This includes the interior, the windows/windshield, mirrors, radio, spare tire compartment and the gas tank. The best thing to start with is building the roll cage, NEVER cut the top off of the car to build the roll cage. It is really risky and dangerous to have a welded roof. Make sure you have a bar-bender and a welder to secure the bars in place. Next, bolt the fuel cell in were the spare tire was. Next put a race seat in place, and make sure you have all the specific safety equipment. Next, make all qualified adjustments to the motor. Finally, paint the car make sure not to spend more than $150 on paint, and put on your sponsors decals.

TIME TO RACE: After you are done building you should have spent no more than $2000. The usual time for building a roadrunner is between 4-6 weeks (depending on the shipping of parts). Keep in mind, when you are choosing where to race that most tracks require a racing fee unless you are a member of that track. Some tracks have cash prizes for winning and special events like: boat races, demolishen derby, and monster trucks.        


  1. I think these are some good tips to buying the right car for you.I don't really think that craigs list is the best place to buy a car because some people have been scammed by buying a stolen car.

    1. Well its always good to look for a car posted with the vin # so that you can search it to make sure it's not stolen.