Friday, February 27, 2015

Some Insight On What it Takes To Race

This week I have interviewed three experienced race car drivers/mechanics that I have been helping to build a classic Mustang Cobra 2 into a race car, in the past 6 weeks. Their names are Robbie Robinson/the welder, Timothy Abeyta/main mechanic, and Ryan Walters/the technician, they are all experienced racers and qualified mechanics. Robbie has been racing for over 30 years, Tim has been racing for 6 years, and Ryan has been racing for 8 years.Ryan is the owner of Fortuna Wheel and Brake, and is the head mechanic at his shop. I asked each of them five questions about how they build the best race car, I asked them: What websites do you use to track down local cars? How much do you usually spend on a car every year? How long does it normally take to build a race car? Do you ever race out of the county? How much does it usually cost to race a car for one season?

First I interviewed Robbie Robinson and this is what he said " I usually check Craigslist and Trader Joe's for used cars". I asked him the second question and he said " I usually spend between $1,000-$10,000  depending on the class ". His next response was " It usually depends on the type of car and how easy it is to find parts". " But I usually spend 6-8 weeks on a car". Next he said " I have never raced farther than four hours away because any farther than that gets really expensive". Finally I asked him how much it costs him each race season, and he said " It usually costs between $500 and $800 if I don't get wrecked".

Next I interviewed Ryan Walters and this is his response " I normally check Facebook, Craigslist and some other local websites, but mainly Facebook". " I try not to spend more than $1,100 on lower class cars and the most I spend on upper class cars is $15,000". In response to that I asked him " Why does it cost so much for upper class cars?" ,and he said " The higher the class the more modifications there are". His response to the next question was " It usually takes me a month depending on the class because I own a shop, and I only ever go to the Ukiah track when I race out of town". His last response was " Normally if I don't wreck it cost about $600-$800 depending on the class of course"

Finally I interviewed Timothy Abeyta( my god father) and this is response " I always check Facebook first then Trader joes  and finally Craigslist". " I have all ways spent less than $1,100 on my car, except for this year I'm spending over $10,000 on my mini stock ". " It usually takes me 6 weeks if I have help, but this year it will take me 12 weeks". Finally he said " I've never raced out of town because it costs too much, and it costs about $500 for gas and tires for the whole year".        

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