Thursday, March 26, 2015

Blog Review

I have looked at two really fantastic blogs this week, Late Model Stock Car Racing in Northern California and Chump to Champ-A Racing Drivers Blog. My favorite one of the two is Late Model Stock Car Racing in Northern California, because this blog is all about races at Redwood Acres Raceway. That is the same track I've been talking about and the same one that my family races at and I work at. The post that I was looking at made it feel like I was right there watching that race again. He created the exact type of blog I want mine to be more like in the future. As he was highlighting the top 3 spots in each race, he linked their Facebook pages to there names.

Now when it comes to the setup of the blog it wasn't as great as the content. Including: black background and unloadable pictures, but the words were still visible and plain to see. This blogger (I couldn't find out his name) has really perfect links, like Facebook pages and the Redwood Acres Raceway page. This blogger also has a lot of comments and keeps his blog going. He started his blog about 6 years ago and is now the weekly blogger for Redwood Acres Raceway.

This blog has inspired me to keep my blog going after this assignment because this blogger started off as doing a school blog and now he gets paid per person who reads his blog. He also has not as much advertising as most blogs which is why it is my favorite. What I didn't realize when I first looked at this blog is that I've met the author of this blog. He also includes highlight clips of each race of the night so it's almost like watching NASCAR.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

NASCAR Jokes (humor blog)

NASCAR Jokes And Memes
The definition of NASCAR: Non athletic sport created around rednecks

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

On Your Marks, Get Set, GO!!! (A Poem)

The sun comes up 
Jump in the car
The suns in your eyes
Your car's ready to roar
Heart's beating fast
Can't wait to floor it
On your marks, get set, GO!!!

Coming down the track
Nothing in your way
Whizzing by the stands 
Thousands faces flying by all day
Wind flying through the car
Couple of bugs in your teeth 
Couple of tears in your eyes
On your marks, get set, GO!!!

The thrill and fun
When I won
The loss and pain
When I wrecked and spun
The pride in a car well done
The tears in your eyes
When you see what you won
On your marks, get set, GO!!!

The sun goes down
Jump out the car
Car's on the trailer
Ready to go celebrate
A race well won
Can't wait to floor it home
On your marks, get set, GO!!!